Game of the Day Many Balls R4i 3ds

Sharp eyes and a quick mind are needed in today's Game of the Day,r4 ds 4go, Many Balls, a balls-busting number-cruncher. You must count balls correctly in order to advance through the levels. Good visual acuity is paramount here, because while this game starts off easy, it quickly becomes challeng

Google makes nice save with soccer-themed Olympics Google Do

Man, Google is on a tear with these Google Doodles,carte r4 pas cher, huh? The latest Olympic-themed Google Doodle game is all about soccer--err,carte r4 pas cher, football. More specifically,carte r4 pas cher,

Zynga adds 50 employees from PS3 and Wii game maker Buzz Mon

Will Zynga start making Farmville for Xbox? Probably not, but the 50 employees it gained through a talent acquisition of video game maker Buzz Monkey are used to working on projects like the Tomb Raider Trilogy for PS3 and Wii, reports TechCrunch. Buzz Monkey will become Zynga's Eugene, Oregon offi studio lead If you make a good game, Zynga will co

Should it be any surprise that folks are more frank in their opinions of Zynga, given its recent run-in with top dog publisher EA over The Ville? Probably not, but it might be for one of the FarmVille maker's most dangerous competitors to join in on the bash fest. Even recently-appointed (

CastleVille Thar be new pirate booty in the store linker r4

If you thought the pirate theme was going to leave CastleVille after the launch of the Land's End expansion, you may only be partially right. While it's true that Land's End won't be available forever, the pirate theme is being carried on in our home Kingdoms via the launch of new "Land's End" or p

The Simpsons Tapped Out lives again, receives massive updat

If you haven't been following along with EA's news from the Gamescom convention this week, you've missed out on some pretty big news concerning The Simpsons: Tapped Out on iOS (you know, that game that released and then crashed and burned under server issues, causing it to be removed from the App S

Facebook Game Face-off Blackwood amp; Bell Mysteries vs Ja

Ever since Playdom rocketed the genre into super stardom with Gardens of Time, hidden-object games have been kind of a big deal on Facebook. The developer has been chasing the proverbial dragon ever since with a deluge of hidden-object games, one of its latest being Blackwood & Bell Mysteries.O

Game of the Day Red Riot linkers 3ds

Welcome to a war-torn future where you can jetpack into battles and a Russian super soldier is fighting against some skinny dude in a jumpsuit -- one that reminds you of the comic book supervillain Sinestro before he became a Green Lantern turncoat. That is to say, welcome to today's Game of the Da

FarmVille Birthday Items Birthday Candles Tree, Cow T-Shirt

If you thought the launch of the Birthday Fountain would be the beginning and end of the third birthday celebration in FarmVille, think again. A new set of limited edition Birthday items has launched in the game's marketplace this evening, bringing with it a slew of cute (yet unrealistic) trees, an

FarmVille Big Picnic Everything you need to know R4i 3ds

While Americans may be preparing to celebrate the fourth of July holiday this week, Zynga has launched a celebration of its own in FarmVille, dealing more with summer in general and spending time outdoors. This feature is called the "Big Picnic," and it brings back the item collection feature we've

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